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Here’s a comparison of some of the more popular wood fencing options available at Coastal Fence Company:

Solid Style wood fencing is a reliable choice for any fencing project. With a typical height of six feet, the solid wood boards offer privacy as well as security. Solid style fencing is also affordable, making it a well-loved fence option for the practical homeowner.

As an added bonus, using cedar fencing in this design guarantees fewer pests in the warm months, since the naturally occurring cedar oils act as an organic insect repellent.

The classic Good Neighbor fence features boards that are installed in an alternating pattern on either side, resulting in a fence that’s attractive to your neighbors.

The spacing between the boards allows wind to pass through, which makes the Good Neighbor fence an excellent choice for coastal homes. While strong gusts can potentially blow down fences that have weakened over time, Good Neighbor fences can withstand higher air currents for years of enjoyment.

Combine the privacy and security of a Solid Style fence with an elegant border, and you have the Picture Frame. The decorative wood boards across the bottom and sides make for neat, sharp lines. Because the design is mirrored on both sides, your neighbors can also appreciate the beauty of your fence.

You can leave the top of this fence level for a clean look, or you can add cedar caps to the posts for a finishing touch. As an added bonus, the solid construction blocks outdoor noise with up to 70% of the effectiveness of a solid concrete barrier.

Lattice top wood fences add an extra touch of style to any existing fence design. Typically paired with a Solid Style or Good Neighbor fence, a lattice top features a one-inch-thick panel of crosshatched wood mounted on the top horizontal rail.

Lattice Tops look good anywhere, but they fit exceptionally well with houses built near forests, trees or greenery. Plus, at the end of the day, the remaining light is sifted through latticework to create beautiful shadows as the sun sets.

Decorator fences have all the privacy and protection of a Solid Style fence, plus a unique twist that makes them instantly memorable. Alternating wider dog-eared boards (anywhere from 5 inches to 8 inches wide) with smaller flat-top ones (between 3 inches and 4 inches wide) creates a gently curving pattern that’s pleasing to the eye.

Not only does Decorator fencing look equally good on even, sloped and irregular terrain, but the dog-eared boards make excellent hooks for hanging planters, outdoor lights or other decorations.

Traditionally used on ranches to hold horses and cattle, split rail wood fencing is a popular choice for rural properties. Installing a split rail fence adds a touch of rustic charm to a large plot of land, plus it can effectively define land boundaries for acres at a reasonable cost. It’s one of the simplest fence types to install, making it an effective, economical fencing material for any home.

No other fence design is as tied to American consciousness as the picket fence. A picket fence in front of your house instantly adds curb appeal, which directly increases your property value. It’s an especially complementary fence design for old-fashioned or cottage-style homes. Because it’s low enough to retain a sense of community, this fence style is great for creating play areas for pets and small children.


"Thank you for our beautiful fence! Your pride in craftsmanship shows in our fence. It was a pleasure to work with a family owned company."

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